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Marco Di Tillo                       


Marco graduated in Psychology having written a thesis on "The New Italian Comics, from Birth to Linus." His writing career has included stories for comics published by Comic Art -- The Wizard of Mondadori, Il Giornalino, Il Giorno, Fotografare, Paese Sera, Il Messaggero, Flash. Lanciostory, I Quaderni del Sale. He created many original characters such as "Yeti", "Hans and Chica," "Hud Kelly", and "Piero". Marco has also written biographies including those of famous jazzmen, movie stars, and football players. In 1978, Marco  worked as a writer for Radio 1 Rai, where he wrote scripts for many broadcasts of variety, quiz and original radio plays, including "The Fall Jazz," "Love Means," "What Day was that Day?", "The Spoiler", "Flip Open" " An Invention Called the Disc"," Music and Words for a Holiday," "My son, Nicola," and " A History of Jazz. "

In 1983 he began writing for the Rai television. There, he authored "Hello Italy," "Open Space," " Afternoon on the Two," " Forte Fortissimo,"  "Saturday Zecchino," "Scruples," "The tales of Topo Gigio," "Beauty," "Christmas Gifts," "Men," and  "A Sparkling Day."  Later, for TV-Montecarlo, he wrote the children's  program  "Zap Zap." He began directing motion pictures in 1989  with  "Operation Parrot," which he wrote with Piero Chiambretti and Claudio Delle Fratte.  In 2000, he wrote and directed, "A Year in the Country." His novels include, "The Young Knight " (Einaudi publisher.) and "Three Boys and the Sultan" (Mursia publisher)  His illustrated fairytales include, "Mummy Christmas" and "Mummy Christmas and the Pirates" ( Mursia).   For the travel industry he wrote "Rome for Two" and "Walkin'  Rome."

Most recently, besides The Other Eisenhower, Marco had his latest book in Italian published by Arkadia. This highly dramatic and entertaining murder mystery titled Destini di Sangue is available from major on-line booksellers.

Marco lives in Rome and is owner of Hotel Modigliani located in the historic center.  He and his wife Giulia have three sons.  For more information, please visit his web site at 


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