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Great News!!

A Flip Book Sample of 

The Other Eisenhower

is now available. 

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The Other Eisenhower is woven into the fabric of historic events that occurred just prior to 6 June 1944--D-Day. Following an actual security breach at the British War Office in Whitehall, a peace-loving London postman discovers and unwittingly reads secret Operation Overlord plans, thus making him the target of both the Allies, who want to keep him from talking, and the Germans, who are desperate to learn what he knows. After a failed abduction to Germany, the postman and others involved in keeping the invasion plan secret, gain support from resistance fighters as they are chased by the Gestapo and one of Hitler's most sinister generals, through the Netherlands and Belgium into France. There, after finding refuge at the luxurious Paris mansion of a movie star, with her help, the postman and his compatriots attempt an escape via the Seine to Le Havre and ultimately home. Unfortunately, they are captured and brought for interrogation to Field Marshal Rommelís headquarters at La Roche-Guyon. 

Meanwhile, across the English Channel, SHAEF Supreme Commander, General Dwight Eisenhower, and his staff begin implementing Overlord as they deal with the crushing responsibility of sending thousands of troops on hundreds of a life-threatening missions they can only hope will succeed. Aware of the security breach, Ike and the other brass must live with the knowledge that Nazi leaders may have learned the details of the invasion and will foil what would be the greatest amphibious assault in history.

The book has been published by Webster House Publishing, LLC.

The Other Eisenhower is currently available in paperback on line at:   Print version: (Click here)    Kindle Version (Click here) Or use your Kindle device for a direct download

Barnes & Noble   Print version: (Click here)    Nook Version (Click here) Or use your Nook device for a direct download

Apple Bookstore  iBooks version--Use your Apple device for a direct download. (Search for The Other Eisenhower)

Create Space--the publisher's Print on Demand supplier.  (Click here)

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It will soon be available in hardcover.


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A second book by the Campana-Di Tillo team is in the works. With the working title, The Dollfuss Affair, it deals with the first meeting of  Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini that took place Venice in 1934. Austrian Chancellor, Engelbert Dollfuss, concerned that Hitler had plans to claim Austria, asks his friend Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to intercede with the German chancellor on his country's behalf. Fearing that the Duce may not succeed in protecting his beloved Austria, Dollfuss takes the advice of his deputy, Prince Ernst Starhemberg, and agrees to "taking care of" Hitler while is in Venice.  An Austrian marksman and friend of Dollfuss, Sepp Karper, is assigned the task, and travels first to Florence, Italy where he develops his persona as a Galileo expert and acquires a telescope needed for his cover story.  In the process, Sepp meets and falls in love with a young American widow who is in Italy photographing famous tombs and monuments. In fact, she is also going to Venice as a casual observer for President Roosevelt, who, although concerned about a possible Hitler-Mussolini alliance, does not want to take official notice of the meeting. As a precaution, Hitler accepts the assignment of a double -- a doppelganger who will be available to make certain public appearances during the visit, as needed. Of course, nothing goes according to plan, resulting in chaos, danger, and intrigue for everyone. In the end, the reader is left to wonder what really happened in Venice and whether or not the man who boarded the plane back to Germany was actually Adolf Hitler.  We expect the book to be published next year.







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